Head to Soul Makeover

Every girl in the group needs a Head-to-Soul MakeoverParticipant’s Guide. The 125-page soft-cover workbook includes the full-length version of the weekly quizzes, the Bible study guide, the key teaching text so the participants can take turns leading the discussion, and the interactive journaling pages to track the journey from now until the Big Reveal!

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Zondervan Youth Specialties
The Head-to-Soul Makeover Leader’s Guide is chock-full of great tools for leaders. You get loads of tips for facilitating an effective group experience, question-by-question guidelines for making the discussions meaningful, and instructions for the weekly object lesson activities. Although the complete Participant’s Guide is incorporated into the Leader’s Guide, this 175-page workbook has something the Participant’s Guide doesn’t have – all of the instructions and handout masters for Episode 10’s Big Reveal Party.

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Zondervan Youth Specialties
This is the book that inspired it all! Character Makeover: 40 Days With a Life Coach to Create the Best You is co-authored by Katie Brazelton and Shelley Leith. Spend five days working on each of the eight character qualities in a deeply personal journey you take with your virtual life coach by your side. Discover how to close the gap between understanding God’s purpose for your life and carrying it out as you put an end to well-worn patterns of defeat, woundedness, insecurity, unworthiness and self-centeredness. Step-by-step, with powerful prayers, meaningful journaling and practical action steps, you’ll experience a complete character makeover, and become the best “you” God intended you to be.
Character Makeover Women’s Curriculum
Only offered as downloadable documents.

Character Makeover curriculum uses the same TV reality show format as Head-to-Soul Makeover. For more information, visit www.ShelleyLeith.com

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NOTE: The handouts for “The Big Reveal Party” in Week 10 are only offered in the Leader’s Guide

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